Posted by: neblinoso | January 10, 2010

Manila, Here I Come . . . Again

I’m sitting here in the Delta Sky Club Lounge at the Detroit airport happily sipping on some orange juice by the fireplace.  How nice it is to travel business class.  I’m very much looking forward to returning to Manila…and it’s only a 14-hour flight away!  Coming home was nice, just very busy what with the holidays and trying to see everyone before leaving again.

The last time I left, it felt like i spent so much time preparing, however this time around i just didn’t have a lot of time to think about it.  In fact, as i was driving to my sister’s this morning to drop off my car and get a ride to the airport, i realized I’d completely forgotten to grab my passport.  Kind of an important necessity when traveling internationally.   Good thing #1 i remembered before i got to the airport and #2  making a quick pit stop to pick it up was on the way and not in the opposite direction.

I am anxious to see my Filipino friends and rekindle the amazingly fun times we had.  I was trying to explain the wonderfulness of the Filipino people to some of my friends and how i was looking forward to their positive and uplifting company.  I can’t  find the words to explain the difference between people here and there, but i would use the words genuine, optimistic, charismatic and friendly.  I’m still baffled by this quandary, though i feel like i’ve thought it to death, as i do with most thoughts, beating them to a bloody, unrecognizable pulp.  For whatever reason, i am less inhibited and feel more confident about who i am.

So, Manila, my good friend, here i come . . . again!  I hope you enjoyed our month apart and will be just as excited to see me as i am about seeing you.



  1. dear alli,
    hope your flight went smoooothly. I enjoyed our visit while you were home. it seemed like you had fun too. maybe we should have talked about it more,
    but I felt you enjoyed our visit too. i tried to show you how important you are to me. please give your friends a hug from mama b. i wish i could make some italian delights for them.
    God’s grace and love from, mama b

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