Posted by: neblinoso | January 11, 2010

Baggage Claim

It’s such a wonderful feeling to return to a foreign country you are familiar with.  I had no trouble at the airports, but my luggage was a little wet, but not damaged.  I was standing at the baggage carousel watching for my luggage, when a man stepped in front of my view.  He turned around and said, if you see your bags, let me know and i’ll grab them for you.  “Oh, okay, thank you,” i replied.  Now if only i could see through you. 

I finally found a spot where i could easily see and grab my bags.  There was a man about five people up from me who tried to grab his bag, but couldn’t get a good enough grip, and as a result, one by one, those standing next to him attempted to help him get this bag, each losing it to the pull of those around it.  The man standing next to me, who’d offered to help me with mine, almost got it but slipped out of his hands.  This meant it was my turn to try.  Just as i thought it was going to slip away, i gripped the handle and yanked, flipping some other bags wedged around it and pulled it off the carousel.  The man next to me gave me a surprised look and said, “Wow, you’re strong.”  Yep…me American, me big and strong.  🙂  This comment reminded me i really need to get back to my workout routine. 

My head bobbed as i tried to see the man whose bag it was.  Turned out, it was Raymond’s, my seatmate!  He thanked me and we laughed at the scene, bidding each other another farewell.



  1. you’re such an Amazon!

    • Haha…i know…my sister and i always joke that we’re descendants from Vikings! 🙂

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