Posted by: neblinoso | January 11, 2010

The Time Zone Time Warp

How is it that when flying west from Cleveland towards California you are essentially going back in time and then at some point while crossing the Pacific, you’ve suddenly jumped ahead by a day?  This is what i pondered when i first got on the 13-hour flight to Nagoya.  I’m still unsure of where the switch happens, but here i am…in the future. 

I sat next to a nice man named Raymond who was heading home to the Philippines.  We chatted for a while until lunch/dinner was served and we engrossed ourselves in movies.  I watched four films: District 9, Paranormal Activity, Imagine That and  Paper Hearts.  The flight was pretty uneventful until one of the flight attendants made an announcement asking if there were any doctors on board.  It couldn’t have been anything serious since we didn’t have to make any unplanned stops and there was no panic-stricken commotion going on.  Twice they called for a doctor for two different seat locations.  And, when i was in Detroit, the lounge CRs were closed for some medical emergency.  I hope whatever negative medical vibes that were following me got lost in the time zone time warp.


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