Posted by: neblinoso | January 11, 2010

The Welcome Wagon

On the way to my hotel, i sat in the back of the taxi, watching the scenery go by with a smile on my face.  I had that “coming home again” feeling where everything is familiar and you know exactly what to expect when you get there.  Only this is my home away from home.  It was still exciting to recognize so much of Manila.  Rome, Italy is the only other place i’ve traveled to more than once, but i didn’t know it as well as i know Manila.  It’s like we’re old college buddies.

As i got in the ground floor elevator to take me to the main lobby on the six floor i mimicked the elevator voice as i had done so many times before, “Sixth floor, going up.”  I giggled to myself.  These are the small joys in my life.  When i rounded the corner to the lobby, i discovered my welcome wagon, sitting on the oval shaped-couch, trying to hide behind pillows.  I was so excited to see Rico, Frances and Jing here to welcome me, that i gave a yelp of delight, dropped my bags and rushed over to hug them.

After checking in, we went up to check out my new room.  I was unable to get the same room as last time.  This one is a bit smaller and doesn’t have the most alluring view, but i have a bigger kitchen and enough closet space to house all my possessions.  I am very excited about having a mirror in my bedroom as i did not have one the last time as well as an alarm clock that doesn’t leave the room well-lit when the lights are out.

We had ourselves a nice chat and then ordered some food.  I have missed it, especially the mango shakes.  Rico and Jing ordered some food for us from North Park and we had a scrumptious welcome back meal of yang chow rice, lechon macau, broccoli,  mushrooms and lemon chicken.  I have also missed the community style of eating where you order a bunch of food and then share it with everyone.

I am so thankful for my Filipino friends.  This is a perfect example that explains why i feel so different here.  I just find more similarity with the people here, especially in how they treat others.  Actions speak volumes!

Thank you for such a wonderful welcome back!



  1. Yay – the blog is back! Looking forward to reading about your adventures every day!

    • thanks for the excited readership T. 🙂

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