Posted by: neblinoso | January 12, 2010

A Hard Habit to Break

I have to admit i was a little saddened when i found out i couldn’t stay in the same room as last time.  I’m on a different floor and on the other side of the hall.  There are several problems with this already.  Well, one main problem with several side effects.  The problem is my brain has already been wired by three months of repetition to 1) punch 11 in the elevator, 2) go left when exiting the elevator and 3) say eleven eleven (1111) when asked what my room number is at the hotel café and fitness center.

I knew at some point i was going to mistakenly punch, go to or say the incorrect room number.  That day was today.  First, at the gym this morning.  When you first enter, you have to tell the receptionist what room  number you are in, so she can record it in her little book.  For whatever reason, this notation makes me feel like i should go more often to beef up my numbers and seem like a good student who’s keeping up with their homework.  So when i walked in, the girl stood with a welcoming smile saying, “Room number?”  1111, i said, paused, then shook my head erasing the number like an etch-a-sketch drawing.  “Wait, i mean XXXX*” She scratched out the previous entry and wrote in the new number.  I repeated the number in my head as i walked down the hall to the gym, practicing for the next time.

The second mishap occurred this evening when i arrived back at the hotel after work.  I pushed the 11 button in the elevator, got off, turned to the left and headed towards 1111.  I inserted my key card twice before realizing it was not opening because i was not at the right room.  Panic gripped me for a moment before i quickly dashed back towards the elevators ferociously punching the down button. I stood still for a moment waiting to hear if someone was coming to the door to find out who was trying to break into their room, but i couldn’t hear anything and as soon as the elevator arrived i jumped in and got the hell outta there.  Phew!

This time, i went to the correct floor and room number and decided i need to keep repeating the number in my head over and over to somehow make it stick.  Or i could possibly come up with a scheme to get the guests in 1111 to leave and then ask to be moved.  Hmmm.   Or maybe i should keep pretending to open their door, frightening them enough to ask to be moved.  And if i do get caught, i can just play dumb.  I did just get some blonde highlights.  🙂

* = the actual room number has been undisclosed in order to preserve privacy.  This is the internet after all and who knows who’s reading…maybe the inhabitants of 1111.


  1. you can tell ME your room number… I promise i won’t do anything bad!

  2. Room number please….

    • i had to get my key recarded today and i said 1111…oops. i should have just let it go so i could get in 1111 and throw the current occupants out. 😛

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