Posted by: neblinoso | January 15, 2010

Key Card Craziness

I am having issues with my room key.  This time it is not because i went to the wrong room.  My very first attempt at getting into my room failed.  I slid key into the slot and nothing.  A green light is supposed to flash signifying your allowed entry into the room.  I didn’t even get the red light telling me it didn’t work. 

The bellhop (is that really what they’re still called?) came by shortly with my bags and i handed over the key card to him, hoping he knew some magical trick that would open my door.  He didn’t.  His magic trick involved going back down to the front desk to get the card reprogrammed.  He returned with two cards.  I later gave one to Rico who ran out to pick up food and when he returned, it didn’t work. 

I had to get another one this morning.  Down in the fitness center, i was on the treadmill when i accidentally hit one of the wires of my MP3 player sending it and my room key, which was underneath it, flying out of the small cubby where it was nestled.  Miraculously, i caught the MP3 player, but the room key dropped on the belt.  Instead of the card shooting off the back like physics would cause you to believe, it somehow went the other way, slipping in-between the belt and the hard plastic edge.  Sneaky bastard! 

I stopped the treadmill and looked behind me at the girl who was wiping down a bike.  “Did you see that?” I asked, hoping the card had gone flying out behind me.  “See what?” She said.  I explained what happened and she denied being subjected to any flying objects.  She went around to the front of my treadmill and crouched down peering underneath.  I did the same on the other side, but neither of us saw it.  We switched and laid down at opposite ends, but still no key card.

Sweaty and out-of-breath, I told my story to a girl at the front desk who smirked while she prepared a new card for me.  This is only my fourth day here and i’m already on my third key card!  At this rate, who knows what number i’ll be on by the end of next week.



  1. poor woman! They’re prolly already sharing stories about you in the breakroom!

    • haha…i’d feel honored to be a part of any breakroom conversation!

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