Posted by: neblinoso | January 16, 2010

Happiness is Only a Pillow Arrangement Away

I am so delighted by the silliest things in life.  The other day when i came home from work, i threw my bag on the table, and went into the bedroom to put on my jimjams.  I paused, looking at the bed quizzically.  Something was different….something new.  Then, it hit me.  The pillows were arranged in a way i had not seen yet, even from before.  This sudden realization made me run into the dining room to fish  my camera from the bottom of my backpack.   I took a few shots like the pillows were models.  Come on, work that fluffiness!

I wonder if there is a different housekeeping protocol on this side of the hall.  Maybe they have a completely separate pillow arrangement line.  After all, the lighting is different on this side of the tower, and if i were a pillow, i’d want to be placed where the light made my color shimmer. 

Maybe it’s as simple as pointing to a number on a wristband, like a quarterback has for football plays.  “All right, let’s go with #3 Pyramid scheme,” i can hear the head housekeeper yelling.  There’d be a flurry of activity as the rest of the housekeeping staff hustled to place the pillows in the desired arrangement.  

I was also excited about having real glasses.  Not stemware that you can break, but an actual glass i can wrap my hand around without worrying about crushing it to pieces or having to hold it so daintily it would slip from my grip. Sometimes, the smallest, most otherwise insignificant things are what make me the happiest. 🙂


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