Posted by: neblinoso | January 20, 2010

A Spider’s Vengeance

An itsy bitsy spider crawled up my bathroom sink water spout
Down came the water from my glass to wash the spider out
Allie left for work paranoid she hadn’t seen the last of it
And the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout  again…to reek vengeance on the cruel act of attempted drowning.

Not my best rhyme, but this is the thought that went through my head on the way to work this morning. 

After hitting the snooze button four times, i finally dragged my body out of bed and into the bathroom.  I stood like a zombie in front of the sink, trying to convince my body we were going to make this being awake thing happen.  As i reached for my toothbrush, i noticed a small brown spot on the wall of the sink.  Rubbing my eyes to clear the blurriness, i realized it was a spider. 

Whenever i encounter spiders, first i shudder, thinking of their creepy-crawliness and how i do not want to feel that on any part of my skin.  My second thought is of Charlotte’s Web and how i shouldn’t be afraid of an animal that may be a special pig’s friend.  After all, spiders play an important role in the circle of life.  My final thought is i’m not in a barn, and this is my territory.

I once had a spider in my house, perched right over my entry door.  I named it Charlotte and made a pact with her to spare her life as long as she remained in that spot.  Each day when i came home from work, i glance at her spot to say hello and verify she was keeping our agreement.  About a week later i came home to find she wasn’t there.  Several days after that, i was cooking dinner on the stove when a spider dropped right in front of me.  I yelped and killed it with a spatula, afterwards realizing this was probably Charlotte.  I reminded her of our deal as i scraped her remains into the garbage.

I decided that instead of squirshing this spider, i would just send it back from whence it mostly likely came.  The drain.  Filling a glass with water, i pour it around the sink and watched as the spider got caught in the wave, circled around the sink and finally down the drain. 

Paranoid thoughts seized hold of me after i left my apartment.  What if i really pissed off that spider by trying to drown it? I’d be pissed, wouldn’t you? What if it was planning its vengeance against me while i was away at work?  What if it crawled back up and was hiding amongst the bristles of my toothbrush, knowing how disgusted and horrified i would be to discover it there?

For a while today i forgot about my irrational musings . . . until i returned home and remembered.  I cautiously entered the bathroom [with shoes on!] and scanned the sink, walls and floor for any sign of evil spider handiwork.  None to be found, but i have a feeling i haven’t seen the last of that spider.


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