Posted by: neblinoso | January 23, 2010

Work Birthday Bonanza

My reverse golden birthday weekend has started off with a bang!  I was at work sitting in a training room going through an exercise when Rico entered asking if he could speak with me.  I followed him to the hall and he led me in the direction of the pantry, at which point it hit me…something was going on. 

I walked through the pantry doors to discover the entire room filled with people who began singing happy birthday.  At the end of the song, they motioned me forward throwing confetti up in the air and at me as i neared them.  Orange confetti!  My favorite color!  I can’t think of any time when confetti isn’t fun!  😛

They sat me down in a chair in the middle of the room to play a game called pinoy henyo.  A piece of paper with a word or phrase is stuck to your head and the object is to guess what the word on your forehead is by asking your partner yes or no questions.  With Adrian’s help, I barely got the first word, Jeepney, before the timer went off.  We played a few more rounds in which i got to answer the questions.  Most unusual question (from Paolo, who had Black Eyed Peas stuck to his head) was, “is it a sensation?” 

We took a break from the game to dig into the cake and ice cream!  There’s a Filipino Neapolitan version with Ube (purple yam) flavor.  Yummy!  It tastes like cotton candy to me.   After some sweet treats, the final “presentation” required everyone to stand.  Gillian pulled me into a circle and explained that everyone was going to sing and I would dance to “Nobody” a popular song by Wonder Girls.  I only knew the chorus and one or two of the hand gestures, from the song.  Although everyone was instructed to sing, Gill and I were the only ones laughing our way through the chorus two times doing the clap-clap-point moves.  Clearly, i have no shame and will do just about anything no matter how embarrassing it may be.

Since Rico and I share a b-day, we decided to treat our team to dinner later that evening.  Rico brought chicken and pancit and i made chicken parmesan with noodles.  What a feast!  For dessert we had creamy, chocolatey mousse cake and Ceddie made an ice cream oreo, graham cracker crust cake.  So much good food!

Since our new team members are charade masters, we played a short game in which i had to be a photocopy machine.  I wasn’t allowed to act out using the machine, but instead had to be the copier.  I manifested the character of a piece of paper–square, flat, ready to be inked–opening the copier and laying down on the floor as if i was being copied.  I ran my hands over my body illustrating the light that scans over the paper, then i jumped up and tried to act out the copy coming into the paper tray.  In all my years of charades, i’ve never had to be the object.  It was hilarious above all and highly entertaining.

After work, some friends came over to have a pre-celebration and await the arrival of more colleagues who were flying in late that night.  Once they arrived and had settled into their rooms, we continued our celebration by playing more charades.  The category was movies.   Boys versus Girls.  I must say i am thoroughly impressed with the guys ability to #1. come up with the most obscure war movie titles consisting of no less than 5 words and #2. be able to chop up each word into syllables when it wasn’t a title they were familiar with.  Go boys!  They whipped us good. 

So far my birthday has been a blast!  Check out these pics!



  1. Sounds like a true blast Allison!!! Glad you had such a great birthday!!!!!

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