Posted by: neblinoso | January 25, 2010

Birthday Blowout

What a fantastic birthday!  I think it was the best ever.  I had most of the morning to myself and then around 5ish, people from my team began arriving.  I brought a selection of films i wanted them to see, and we started the evening with The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies. 

About half way through the film another wave of people arrived bearing the game of mancala or sungka, the local name.  I unwrapped the carved wooden board and accompanying shells, remarking on its length and hoping it would fit in my suitcase.  Basically it’s a math game in which you move shells or stones around the board, with the intention of collection more shells than your opponent.  At some point, during my game, the Princess Bride ended and they put in Goonies.  “Hey, you guuuys!”

Throughout the night as various people arrived or the phone rang I asked others to answer as I was generally busy, or engrossed in distributing the shells in sungka.  So when the doorbell rang for the i-don’t-know-what time, i didn’t react, assuming someone else would answer.  I think it was Rico who made it to the door first, but he called me to come answer it.  When i opened the door, four hotel employees entered my room singing happy birthday.  Three were holding balloons and the one in front held a cake out to me. 

I was not expecting this.  My birthday thus far had been so wonderful, i couldn’t imagine there was more to come.  When they were done with their song, they wished me “happy birthday, ma’am” and left me holding the three balloons, cake and a stunned look on my face.  Can this day get any better?   

It got better when the food we’d ordered from North Park arrived shortly afterwards.  I was starving! Yellow buckets littered my table bearing lemon chicken, sweet and sour fish, vegetables, rice and pork.  Lots of good food.  With happy tummies, we decided to play a game of charades.  I think this is going to be my team’s mascot game.  The new folks are experts at this game, especially Adrian, who i think can embody just about any object.

The majority of the group left around 9pm so we could get ready to go out clubbing.  I love dancing, even if i do demonstrate just how white i am.  We partied in the Fort Strip area hitting several clubs/bars.  We accomplished our mission of “getting the party started” in the first club, Hierarchy by being first to dance, enticing the rest of the patrons out of their seats and on the dance floor.  Okay, i don’t know if our dances moves were so much enticing as they were silly enough to make other people feel comfortable about their own moves.  I don’t care, i have fun, even at my expense. 

The second club, Fuel, already had a pretty good dance scene, though we did celebrate with our neighbors with loud cheers, raised drinks, and, of course, dancing.  We tried to get Rico to do a dance-off with one of the guys who had the same “no-stopping” dance mantra.

Our last stop for the night was Toyz.  Sadly, there was nothing fun about this club.  The DJ was enjoying his own music, but he was the only one.  Rico convinced me to approach the DJ booth and request a change in music.  When i asked if he could play more techno music, he asked me for a specific song, which i gave him, but he never played it, and the music never got better.  We danced at our table in a last effort to get others dancing, but no one would play.   

We left yawning, splitting up into two taxis.  As they raced us home, we made faces at each other out of the window.  After plates of leftover north park food we called it a night.  A perfect birthday celebration!  I can’t thank everyone enough for making my b-day so spectacular.



  1. Happy Birthday!

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