Posted by: neblinoso | January 27, 2010

Running Late

Jessica and i had lunch today and the hotel resto, Café 6.  We arrived at 11AM right when they opened and found a table. Our waiter convinced us to try the “business” lunch, which included soup or salad, choice of entry and dessert.  I’m not sure why it was called a business lunch.  The courses were definitely not brought with a i-need-to-get-back-to-work-soon mentality.  Normally, i wouldn’t have minded waiting an hour for my soup, but i actually did need to get back to work soon, or at least be ready for work by 12:30 when the driver arrives to whisk us away to the land of editing. 

We both had the ginger/coconut soup.  All the meals (and gingerbread cookies) i’ve ever eaten with ginger in it, could not come close to equaling the amount of ginger that was in this soup.  It was good soup, just overwhelmingly gingery, with that kind of spiciness that makes all other foods taste wrong. 

Our main course came at 12:20pm.  Ten minutes until we were scheduled to be downstairs.  Before the waiter left, we asked him if they could wrap our coconut pandan crêpe desserts and bring us the bill.  I scarfed down the curried chicken and  left Jessica at the table, since she was already dressed for work and power-walked my way out of the café, through the lobby and into the elevators.  When i reached my door and tried the key card, i got the dreaded red flashing light.  Really?  Today?  17 more tries still left me standing in the hall.  I was obviously meant to be late today.

Back down at the front desk i ran into a coworker and we chatted while i waited for someone to notice i needed help.  Once i had a new key card in hand, i ran back up to the room, pulled on a skirt and blouse and was out the door again.  My pinned-up pony-tailed hair was going to have to do since there was no time for styling.

I think we made it downstairs by 12:35pm, which was pretty impressive.  Now i know what the phrase “running late” means….so late you’re running around, which only makes you more late.


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