Posted by: neblinoso | January 30, 2010

La Cucaracha

I just bagged the biggest cockroach i’ve ever seen.  After some friends left Saturday evening, i was toying with the idea of taking a relaxing bath with one of my birthday bath bombs from Lush.  I walked into the bathroom and there, in the sink, was a HUGE cockroach.  HUGE!  It seemed too wide to even fit through the drain.  I stared at it wondering where it had come from.  I’m sure it wasn’t as huge as i appeared to it, but i’ve had a few smaller ones that were easily squishable.  This one, however, did not look like  it was going to be stopped by the sole of my sketchers.

It made a dash out of the sink and positioned itself between the mirror and the faucet.  I moved my toothbrush and combs out of the way.  I guess that spider sent this guy to do his dirty work.  While he thought of his next move, i thought of mine.  I didn’t want to flush it or send it back down the drain, because it might return.  Maybe i could just bag it and let it go outside. The cockroach twitched its tentacles at me as if agreeing with this idea.  He scampered away heading up the mirror in a zigzag pattern.  I ran into the kitchen, making a stop by my line of shoes to slip on some sandels in case this situation got out of control and i had to jump on it.  Looking through my collection of bags, i realized i wouldn’t be able to tie a good enough knot to prevent it from crawling out and i really didn’t want that creepy-crawly sensation on my hand.

I have ziplock bags!  This would be perfect, as i could then carry it safely out of the hotel and set it free.  When i returned to the bathroom, my new friend was almost near the ceiling.  I think he was trying to make it behind one of the pictures hanging on the wall.  I knocked him down with the bag and somehow managed to scoop him into it.  Blue-and-yellow-make-green, blue-and-yellow-make-green i chanted as i pressed the colors together to seal the bag before he knew what was happening.  I held up my prize, victorious, at arms length and carried him like this out of my room and into the elevator.  When i reached the lobby floor, one of the staff guards was exiting another elevator and saw the bag.  I held it up.  “I was going to take him downstairs to free him.”  He took the bag from me, holding it up to examine it. 

“You found this in your room, ma’am?” 

“Yes,” i said, “in my bathroom sink.”

“And you weren’t frightened?”

I told him my plan as he looked at me like i was the craziest hotel guest he’d ever seen.  Two other guards came over to see what we were talking about.  They looked at the bag, then at me, with smirks on their faces, telling me the building was going to get fumigated starting Monday. 

The first guard asked for my room number and told me he would send someone up to spray.   He left, taking the bag with him and i chatted with the other guards for a few more minutes about the various other bugs i’d encountered during my stay.  Less than ten minutes after i returned to my room, the doorbell rang.  It was…The Fumigator.  He sprayed each room and left, bidding me a good night.  Sadly, i no longer felt the urge to take a bath.  My imagination on what may come out of the drain did not give me a relaxed feeling.



  1. My dear BRAVE Allison!
    It is THEE L A R G E S T curcaracha I’ve ever seen even in a picture. this may have been the breakthrough for you and the critter jitters. I hope the fumigation didn’t bother your lungs,but I’m sure you were glad for the quick action of the service was welcomed. What a wild adventure(in a bathroom). All God’s creatures great and small, He does love them all. I wonder what part of the food chain likes curcaracha?
    love and protection prayers, mama b

    • thanks mama b! yes, i hope his family stays hidden. 🙂

  2. Hey Ali! OMG! If that had been in my room I’d have freaked! That could have eaten your camera it was so big! My inlaws live in Lafayette, Louisiana and they have them, but never have I seen on that big! My father-in-law calls the palmeadow bugs….much prettier name huh? He always threatens to send on in the mail to Wisconsin.
    No need to say hope you are enjoying your work/visit because I know you are! Just think of me at home longing to be wih you!

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