Posted by: neblinoso | February 1, 2010

Hookah Hooplah

Friday night after work a few of us went to Eastwood, a city I hadn’t visited before.  It was full of bars and restos with outside tables filled with young people.  Music escaped windows and doors creating a lively atmosphere.  The night began at a place called The Bedroom, which had large, flat bed-like mattresses you could lounge on.   We ordered a Beer Tower of San Miguel light.  It tastes a lot like Bud Light, and that was the only beer available if you wanted the tower. 

The Bedroom was also a hookah bar.  I’ve seen a few of these places around my hometown, but i was never really sure exactly what went on in these establishments.  What better way to find out than to try it, right?  I did some research later and learned it is just flavored tobacco, and since it’s filtered and cooled by the water, it’s supposed to be smoother than a cigarette.  A circular piece of coal burns at the top, heating up the tobacco and sends it down the body to the snake-like hose where you inhale the smoke. 

They gave us a hookah menu listing all the flavors.  After we settled on rose, we placed our order, at which point they told us the only flavor they had was cherry.  Why bother with the menu then?  When they brought it, we had to be extra careful about moving around on the bed.  Two towering pieces on a little table, sitting on a unsturdy surface, was not the best idea, but we surprisingly made it through the night without any major catastrophes.  Occassionally, we did have to grab ahold to keep them steady when we changed our positions.

When the beer tower ran out we left, wandering around the area.  In the center of all the restos and bars you could find something similar to the hollywood walk of fame, only this was the Filipino walk of fame.  Even Manny Pacquiao had a star, but he was the only name i recognized.

After a quick pit stop (with square toilets!)  we found an outside table at G8 Avenue and ordered some food, complimented by, of course, mango shakes.


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