Posted by: neblinoso | February 2, 2010

Market, MOA and More

Saturday i visited the Salcedo Market, host to many local farmers and others selling goods.  The market was located fairly close to our hotel, but would have made a sweaty walk as it was a scorching day.  We made an initial loop just to check out all the stalls and then went around again to find lunch and other delectables. 

There was one booth that was barbecuing up a storm of pork and chicken sticks.  I don’t think i’ve ever seen a grill so long!  You could find almost anything a la on-a-stick, including squid.   There was even an entire cow (or maybe it was a calf, i don’t know) slowly turning over an open fire, its mouth clenching the stick between its teeth.  Yeah, i’d want something to bite down on too if i was going to be hung on a stick over scorching flames.

I really wanted to try the catfish-on-a-stick and it was so huge i was able to share it with two others.  I also got a jumbo mango shake, watching as they scooped out ripe mangos and threw them in the blender with ice.  Voilà!  Tastiness ensued.  Prince shared some of his pork-stuffed, fried frog legs, though i did not partake.  We shared a dessert called puto bumbong, a purple sticky rice with coconut and brown sugar topping.

After the market we went to MOA (Mall of Asia) for bowling.  I forgot to bring socks, so i had to buy a pair from the alley.  They pointed me in the direction of the pro shop.  The socks were on top of the counter.  They were all black.  “Do you have any fun colors?” i asked.  Doesn’t hurt to ask, right?  They only had black.   We bowled one game, trying to figure out the red pin bonus.  Apparently, if you knocked one down you would receive “exciting prizes.”  Never did figure that one out.

I agreed to have dinner with some friends that night, so some of us separated from the group, wandering around the mall for a bit.  Along the outskirts by the bay a large pool was set up with human-sized hamster balls rolling around on top.  Kids were inside trying to stand, but walking on water requires immense balance, especially when you’re in a bubble.  We took a cab to the bay near Malate to watch the sunset.  A concert was going on, so we stopped to listen for a while, Rico translating the songs.  Even the mayor was in attendance.

Once the famous Manila sun had set, we travelled on foot to Lau Chan’s.  This was my last opportunity to enjoy shabu shabu.  It was a very sad, but edibly pleasing night.  We ordered the regular items, substituting fish for pork since this was Shannon’s maiden shabu shabu voyage and she does not eat meat.  The squid balls were amazing as always and I left so full i could no longer suck in my stomach.  Pot belly’s in tow, we returned to the hotel and watched Edward Scissorhands.


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