Posted by: neblinoso | February 8, 2010

Sonya’s Garden

Last Sunday we took a trip out to Tagaytay to have lunch at Sonya’s Garden.  It is a very elegant bed and breakfast/spa all nestled in a vast garden of flowers and organic foods.  I have been to Tagaytay a few times to see the Taal Volcano but had not heard of this oasis. 

We lunched in the classy restaurant, our table set with fine china and flower-embroidered napkins.  Chandeliers with colored-glass jewels dangled above us, as old love songs wafted its ambience around us.  It felt like we were in an old 1940s movie.  Small dishes with water and rose petals scented the air.  The meal was made entirely of ingredients from the garden.  We had bread and salad for appetizers, pasta for the main course and chocolate cake for dessert.

After lunch we received a guided tour through the greenhouse and one of the cottages where guests can stay.  The rooms were spacious with white bedding and an open stone shower off of the bedrooms.  On our way back we got a chance to meet the actual Sonya.  Her dog, a golden retriever, ran out of the gate to greet us and she followed asking if we were enjoying our stay.  We nodding, still full from lunch and thanked her for sharing this botanical paradise. 

We continued on to the gift store, climbing stairs off to one side to the secret “honeymoon” suite above the store.  It was fairly similiar in decor to the other cottage and had a more aerial view of the gardens.   Back in the garden, we weaved down the brick paths, stopping for the occasional photo-op.  This place made me miss my garden, even though now it’s probably buried underneath a season’s worth of leaves and a blanket of snow on top of that.  Gardens are rejuvenating, not only for your spirit, but for your lungs as well.  I could have spent all day getting lost among the flowers and plants.

Our next destination was People’s Park, a place we could go ziplining that had awesome views of the volcano.  Since i’d done the superman zipline during my last visit, i opted for the sitdown style, so i could take pictures. 

Shannon and i rode together, obeying the instructions of leaning out before our landing, so we didn’t hit the tires which stopped us on the wire.  It was a most interesting (and effective!) way to stop.  We were one of the firsts to return, so we sat watching other people come back until the rest of the group had made their return zip.


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