Posted by: neblinoso | February 11, 2010

Bah, Bah Black Sheep, Have You Any Planners?

All you need is lamb.   This is the tagline for a meal deal going on in the hotel’s Café 6.   If you buy two australian lamb dinners you get a free lamb planner.  However, this has become somewhat of a challenging achievement.  

I first learned about this deal from Karen over dinner one night.  The biggest mystery seemed to be what exactly is a lamb planner?  Is it made of wool?  Does it have pictures of cute little lambs on it?  Is it shaped like a lamb?  When you open it, does a loud Baaaahh come out of it like some children’s books?

One week, Karen and Alissa dined at Café 6.  They each ordered a lamb dish, explaining to the waiter their intentions of getting the planner.  He excused himself for a moment to talk with his manager and returned to tell them the lamb dinners had to be on the same bill.  It also had to be a bill you paid in full.  We have these flexi-meals we can use to get a free meal for either breakfast, lunch or dinner and they had already told the waiter they wanted this meal to apply to that.  Plan failed!

They also learned, even if you somehow miraculously qualify for this planner, it still had to be ordered and would take two weeks to arrive at which point they would then deliver it to your room.  I told Karen she needed to plan this carefully, so that she had enough time before going home in which to get the meals and have them order the planner.  There is so much planning involved in trying to get this planner, you need the planner to plan to get the planner.  Have i lost anyone? 

The other night Karen decided to get the two lamb dishes, eat one and save one for later.  All for the sake of the planner.  She was told the promotion was no longer going on, even though the ad on the hotel’s tv station says it lasts until Feb. 14.  Foiled again!   

I’m convinced this was a conspiracy.  No one even knew that much information about this lamb planner.  We suspect that several years from now, you’ll be able to do a search on eBay and find these lamb planners…in their original plastic! 

I guess we’ll never know what the lamb planner really was…..too baaahhhhd!



  1. You would think the restaurant would feel sheepish about the whole situation. I certainly feel as though the wool was pulled over my eyes. I still want a planner. If they were available, I’d get one for ewe, too.

    • LOL!!! Wow, you really do want that planner Karen! Haha! Nice!

  2. Take care. Going to miss you!

  3. If I can’t have a lamb planner, maybe I could get one of these?

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