Posted by: neblinoso | February 11, 2010

The Man from Qatar

Has anyone actually heard of Qatar?  I guess i need to brush up on my geography, because i certainly hadn’t until i met a man in the elevator the other day who claimed he was from this country.  I suppose i should be familiar given the U.S. government’s involvement in the surrounding countries.  It is like the thumb, or maybe just a flipper, of Saudi Arabia, sticking out into the Persian Gulf, pointing towards Iran.

The man was in his 50s with dark hair and a tan complexion.  He kept insisting that Qatar existed, and i kept saying, “Really?”  Then i felt bad.  Obviously this man wouldn’t lie about his country, and i was making him feel like he came from a place no one had ever heard of, when in reality, it was me who sounded stupid.  Then i realized i was stupid for questioning this man’s country’s existence, so i took another approach. 

I tried asking him questions about Qatar like where it was and what was the capital, but he kept on saying it was a wonderful country and yes, it existed.  I don’t think he was understanding me.  I tried another question, asking what kinds of exports his country was known for, but he seemed confused.  “Does your country grow coffee?” I plowed on.  “Coffee?” he said.  “Yes, i have coffee.  You come to my room and we’ll have some coffee.”  Oh dear, this was getting out of hand.  He told me his room number as we arrived at my floor.  I stepped out, quickly bidding him good-bye and ran for my room. 

Qatar does indeed exist.  The capital is Doha, and its main export is oil.  And the next time i meet a man from Qatar, i’m going to remember these facts so i sound somewhat educated.

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