Posted by: neblinoso | February 12, 2010

Flat Stan

Flat Stanley is a children’s book from the mid-60s.  I had not heard of this book until recently. The story is about a boy, Stanley, who gets flattened by a bulletin board, hence the name Flat Stan(ley). 

My friend Tony sent me an e-mail asking if he could send a “Flat Stan” to me so i could take some pictures of him around the Philippines.  His niece’s class takes part in this nationwide activity of sending flat stan’s to people around all different parts of the world.  He then returns to the classroom to tell kids about his adventures and the places he’s visited. 

Flat Stan has had a lot of fun in the Philippines.  One of his first visits was to a local business that publishes legal materials.  He learned all about how a law is made and what goes into publishing it online.  He even made a few friends! 

Flat Stan accompanied us to Sonya’s garden where he had a chance to relax in one of the suites and enjoy the views of the garden.  Flat Stan also tagged along on our road trip to Banau to see the rice terraces, and although he was too small to climb the terraces he stayed at camp and watched over our hut.

Check out more pics of Flat Stan’s adventures here!


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