Posted by: neblinoso | February 13, 2010

Dear Friends

This is perhaps the hardest post I’ve written as it makes me realize how much all of you have touched my life in so many uplifting ways.  If this were an actual letter, my words would be smeared, ink swimming in salty tear drops.  Let’s just hope I don’t short out my lappy.  🙂

Before Wave 1 folks even stepped foot on US soil I knew that meeting you would change my life forever. I just didn’t fathom how attached I would get.  I remember when our company first announced they were going to open an office in Manila.  During the question and answer period I asked if there would be opportunities to travel and a chuckle spread through the room.  Except I was serious.  I wanted to come here before I even knew you and now that I do know you, it makes leaving so much harder. 

You took me under your wing, eager to share everything about your culture, and I was just as eager to soak it all up, to learn as much as I could, to understand people, not just professionally, but on a personal level as well.  I’ve laughed with you, cried with you, shared meals, cooking lessons, stories, songs, and entertained you with my clumsiness.

Even though I will be returning to my home in Cleveland, I also feel like I am leaving my home here.  You are not just my friends, but my family.   I want to thank all of you for sharing your lives with me, whether it was through a game of charades, a night of poker, watching movies together, giving me fun toys and interesting foods to try, or just a smile.  I have been truly blessed to know each of you, and I hope you take pride in how wonderfully friendly and joyful you are to be around. 

Salamat!     Ingat!      Mahal Kita!



  1. Hi Allie,

    I can’t speak for everyone else, but personally, I really like you and the thought of not having you around here anymore makes me think that one of my children is missing or has gone to a far away place for a vacation. Vacation, coz I’d still like to think that you will come back.. whether as part of your job or a personal visit.

    I may not have spent many times with you like some of the folks here but it does not mean you will be thought of less. In my mind and heart, you will always be Allie… who spent the most times and not to mention the most number of typhoons we had here (he he he). And thank you for considering us as your family as well.. I’m just proud to get you adopted, really (ha ha ha).

    Keep in touch and take care always…

    Until your next arrival,


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